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Toxoplasma gondii / "Cat Brain" / Toxo takes its toll throughout the world Avalon

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Toxoplasma gondii / "Cat Brain" / Toxo takes its toll throughout the world

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Is New Thought simply positive thinking on steroids?  Or is it a teaching which empowers us to see what is and through self-development and co-creation to ensure that life is better for all living beings and coming generations?

Toxoplasma gondii / "Cat Brain" / Toxo takes its toll throughout the world.

When I first encountered the research which unveiled the pandemic of Toxoplasma gondii, or "Cat Brain", it was from a brilliant, if somewhat eccentric Czechoslovakian artist / scientist / man of letters. His focus was intense and insightful as he unveiled his discoveries. It was not till years later that I saw his discoveries in print. I had taken every word to heart from this genius, but I cannot remember if he was speaking English or German. The memory is of rumpled clothing, not a tweed, but something nice created in that time prior to the wall coming down when Czechoslovakia was still making great hats and other high quality goods. One could travel to Karlovy Vary and enjoy the waters in an interesting ceramic vessel. A trip was not complete without a bottle of Becherovka. At the time it seemed Prague was crumbling in places. Slovakia had not broken away from the Czech republic.

What this Czech Scientist had found is probably the most important discovery in the field of parasitology in 100 years. But due to the constraints in place against sharing knowledge across the "iron curtain," this medical information did not become public knowledge outside of the Soviet Bloc until well after Velvet Revolution in 1989.


30–50% of the global population has been exposed to and may be chronically infected with T. gondii (Cat Brain), although infection rates differ significantly from country to country. Some scientists estimate that up to 90% of the population of some countries are infected with Toxo.

Infestation is accomplished through ingesting oocysts or live organisms. Modes of transmission include: infested meat, sexual contact and fomites. The last of these is generally due to failure to wash hands. Subjects infected through this manner often pick up oocysts through touching contaminated surfaces, ie. firewood, gardening, cat bowls, cat boxes.

Every species of parasite affects its host. These particular type of parasites can cross the blood brain barrier and when doing so generally create cysts in the brain. Infected subjects have a substantially increased likelihood of schizophrenia and other neurological challenges. Behavioral changes in rodents increase the likelihood of the animal to be eaten by a feline predator. These changes are fueled by epigenetic remodeling in neurons which govern behaviors associated with mating causing the smell of feline urine to light up the same receptors associated with mating hormones. Recent research has verified the contention that the same mechanism is at work within infected primates.

Felines (Felidae) are the definitive hosts, while many mammals and birds serve as intermediate hosts. Most, if not all, felines are vectors / benefactors from within this parasitic relationship. House cats benefit through the alteration of behavior of both prey animals and humans. Have you ever visited a home which has the overpowering smell of cat urine? To you that smell was nasty, but to the host infected with Toxoplasma Gondii their home smells like the perfume of a lover. In the case of the human versus house cat relationship, the infected host is too large to be eaten by his or her cats while mobile, however infection prompts behavioral changes useful to the house cats.

Infected subjects may become obsessed with caring for stray cats and begin accumulating a large "family" of cats. In the case that the subject has the financial means, he or she may purchase a large non-domesticated feline such as a lion or tiger which can lead to a normalized predator prey relationship resulting in the owner being eaten.

Now this does not mean that members of the Feline Conservation Federation (FCF) are infected. There has been no testing of members thus far. It should also be noted that according to an FCF video news reports about feline predation of humans "is summed up in one word 'ratings.'" The video goes on to compare feline predation of humans to being killed by a vending machine. Are these murderous vending machines equipped with consciousness like the robots in the film Terminator? The spokesman relates that "between 1990 and 2009 there have been 20 fatalities that have been associated with captive exotic felines in the United States." Then the spokesman goes on to compare death by feline predation to accidental deaths caused by inanimate objects. The most salient revelation of the video is: "the very important common factor in all the fatalities in the past 20 years is that every single person that died, willingly put themselves into that position. Again, every person was intentionally involved with those animals." Could this mean that members of the FCF are under the influence of the parasite?

Have you seen many pet lions, tigers or other large cats?

Is captive feline predation of humans due to low numbers or lack of opportunity?

According to the World Wildlife Fund, "One of the world’s largest populations of tigers exists not in the wild—but in captivity in the United States. With an estimated 5,000 tigers, the U.S. captive tiger population exceeds the approximately 3,200 tigers in the wild."

According to the National Geographic, "As many as 15,000 exotic big cats may be living in neighborhoods and roadside zoos in the United States." How many people are acquiring exotic big cats due to Cat Brain? On July 29, 2015, Monika Sarker at CNN reported that although "... it costs $10,000 a year to take care of them ... The dangers of of keeping big cats as pets is evident in figures which show that, between 1990 and 2015, eight people were killed and 54 injured by domestic big cats in the U.S."

Sarker quotes Tim Harrison: "I do not know of an owner, and I used to own big cats, that has not been attacked or scared by a mature big cat. If they tell you any different, they are lying. That living in fantasy land ultimately costs the owner and the cat their lives." Are these owners of exotic big cats living in a fantasy land due to being infected by Toxo?


"'Daddy, why did that tiger bite my arm off?'"
--- Four-year-old boy, recovering in a hospital after he was attacked by his uncle’s pet tiger in Texas."


An online article about Tippi Hedron's keeping large exotic cats reveals that despite the obvious danger posed by large cats, especially to children, the actress still feels that they are "magical."

  • "Tippi’s daughter Melanie [Griffiths], 19 years old at the time, was attacked by a lioness and needed 50 stitches to the face. The director of photography was scalped."
  • "'They are dangerous. Everyone in my family has been hurt, so I’m aware of the dangers that exist with [all wild] animals,' said Tippi at the time, who also had her arm severely scratched by a leopard, and was was bitten on the chest by a mountain lion."
  • "'I miss nursing the cubs very much,' she said. 'I really treasure that experience. There’s nothing sweeter than a little baby lion or tiger cub. They’re magical.'"

At the time of the article, Hedron was still working at Shambala Reserve, a non-profit big cat refuge she founded in California.


Healthy subjects with strong immune systems can resist infestation in which case "tissue cysts cysts containing hundreds of quiescent organisms may form" When Toxoplasma is within feline species then the worm can reproduce sexually" Children are particularly succeptible to infection due to the fact that oocysts are shed in feces. "Mature oocysts are approximately 12 μm in diameter and contain eight infective sporozoites."

Toxo can be transmitted in utero. When females are infected with Cat Brain, the infection is passed to their offspring. This means that infected mothers pass the pharengeal worm onto the babies. Congenital infection often leads to impaired vision and altered brain development.


The existence of this parasite and the extent of its penetration into global populations represents a pandemic that is not receiving the attention necessary to taking appropriate action. Ironically in 2015, Martin Shkreli acquired the basic rights to the Daraprim brand of Ivermectin. Developed in the 1940's It is effective against many types of parasites. It is used to treat head lice, scabies, river blindness, strongyloidiasis, and lymphatic filariasis, among others. The primary use of Ivermectin is for Toxplasma Gondii. Turing Pharmaceuticals, Shkreli’s startup company, acquired Daraprim in August, 2015.

Shkreli promptly raised the price of the drug from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill. Considering the essential nature of this drug and the fact that it is supposed to be in the public domain, it wrapped Shkreli and his company in a global scandal.

Previously it was felt that Toxo was not common, but in fact it is pandemic. Generally the immune system keeps the infection in check. If the immune system becomes compromised, then the infection progresses from dormancy into Toxoplamosis which can be particularly insidious, in fact it can be fatal.

Within the compass of human comprehension we find harmonious ideas contrasting with concepts. This contrast yields difference in opinion which is necessary for the furtherance of understanding.

Whenever such knowledge is restricted through the placement of barriers, especially in the name of profit or prevention of loss, there is a diminishment of the wholistic knowledge essential to the fullest expression of fulfillment for all folk.

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