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higher thinking means enlightened action.

Humanity uses the term "Civilization" to describe those societies which have recognized the truth that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is the law of the world. In 1976, after the Covenants had been ratified by a sufficient number of individual nations, the Bill took on the force of international law.

The greatest spiritual wisdom imparted to humanity, through humanity thus far is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All previous Spiritual Teachings which do not concur with the UDHR must be discarded.

Of course, there are different forms of society in the world today and different cultures. Some of these societies are organized as dictatorships and some of these dictatorships seek legitimacy through calling themselves monarchies. While we can observe that there are functional Constitutional Democracies which preserve the vestiges of this artificial form of government concocted by a few to impose their will over the many. In contrast to these societies, there are others, some of which have long histories chronicling the oppression of people on the basis of familial ties and others recently formed which seek legitimacy through religious means. The use of religion to promote the "Divine Right of Kings" is an ancient prevarication. Humanity is aware that the genealogies of the "nobility" are simply a stack of papers which rather than proving that a family has a claim to higher status, in fact relegates them to the status of horses and dogs relying on pedigrees which simply provide a paper trail proving the links to the oppression perpetuated by their ancestors. While such people exist in many parts of the world, we must always be respectful and compassionate remembering that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to them as well. It is inappropriate to seek revenge for past slights on those who are generations removed from the actions of their ancestors. It is wise to look to the Danish and Norwegian Monarchies for the best examples of proper transition to Constitutional Monarchy.

In New Thought we teach forgiveness; we do not teach forgetting or delusion. Within every religion and spiritual path there will always be some folks who cling to illusions. New Thought is no exception to this rule, yet the vast majority of New Thought adherents believe in Science, Medicine and the understanding that positive thinking manifests more good than negative thinking. Compassion and right action are part of the philosophy of positive thinking. Delusion is not.

New Thought 3.0 and 4.1 teach that progress is not the sole province of right brained or left brained thinking, nor solely the politics of the right or left. Progressivism is characterized by a strong belief that through partnership we can create a better world for coming generations. While the majority of humanity believe in reincarnation, working to create a better world is equally valued by atheists and those adherents to various forms of Abrahamism who have not fallen victim to apocalyptic delusions. Progessivism was created by Bismark and Disreali, both monarchists, with the intention of combating trade-unionism and an increased awareness on the part of working people that their children were being denied opportunity on the basis of false tautologies.

The Right to Vote is an intrinsic part of International law as stated in the UDHR's

Article 21

  1. Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives.
  2. Everyone has the right to equal access to public service in his country.
  3. The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.


The Right to Vote shall not be denied nor abridged for any citizen who has reached the age of majority.

While dictatorships of any kind strive to limit the rights of their citizens, the imposition of republics and democracies upon peoples who have been living in societies without traditions of democracy has historically proven to be impossible unless the conquerors insure that a constitution is imposed which includes humanity's highest spiritual wisdom embodied within the UDHR and always, without exception, does not allow for any religion whatsoever to be recognized within said constitution. The success of this formula is demonstrated historically in Germany and Japan. In contrast to the success of these nations, recent wars in which those conquered were allowed to create constitutions which did not follow this formula demonstrate failure and may result in ongoing instability until new constititons wich follow this formula are adopted. Why was this historical lesson ignored? Who benefits from the failure to follow the winning formula? Is there profit in war? Is there perpetual profit in perpetual war? If so, then for whom?

A major difference can be observed between these two societies directly related to additional impositions. While the German populace is saturated with guilt and shame due to the past actions of their predecessors, the Japanese do not appear to have burdened themselves in a similar manner. In contrast to the Germans, whose leadership appears to be prepared to give up their cultural identity and indeed the entire identity of all Europe, the new generations of Japanese citizens appear to be stronger in civil law without feeling a need to give up their national identity. Perhaps the Japanese have taken their cue from the vast majority of nations in sub-saharan africa.

Unlike the United States whose present identity was forged through the U.S. Constitution. Japan and Germany, like Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand and Burma have national identities which are deeply rooted in ancient culture. Most, if not all, of these nations are considered democracies, yet this does not prevent parties within some of these societies from using tricks to disenfranchise sections of their populations. It took the United States, almost 200 years since the formation of the nation to begin a process of reconciliation with its indigenous inhabitants. There are nations today which have not recognized the basic rights of their indigenous peoples. The Amazigh people have been promised recognition of their rights but the reality differs from the promise. Few of the indigenous peoples of Europe have been recognized and granted rights accordingly. Efforts to do so can be observed, such as the Scottish people and some other groups. But the legacy of the European peoples having been disempowered through the Robber Barons and today appear to once again in danger of losing what little they have left in an odd confluence of intentions on the part of some European elites. While Austria is clearly a "rump state" composed of various European peoples comprising their ancient empire, there are many nations of Europe which have unique cultural identities going back thousands of years. These nations are not only distinguished by their languages but also by culture and genetic heritage the same as Zulu people and other unique African tribes. This is also seen within South East Asia.

Because the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the highest spiritual teaching thus far manifested through humanity, the Right to Vote is part of the spiritual heritage of all humanity. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights should never be used as an excuse to disempower, or disenfranchise any population of their identity or heritage. In every nation of the world, we can see that when people are deprived for their rights, and / or are forced to live in fear of loss of their culture and identity through a failure of existing parties to recognize and respond to this need, extremist elements gain ground which can result in destabilization of society leading to internal strife including civil war.

The cultural, linguistic and genetic diversity of humanity is an important and essential treasure. We must never forget that it is a scientific fact that there is more genetic diversity in 55 chimpanzees, than the entire genome of humanity. This is a startling fact which supports the contention that it is the duty of all humanity to act with compassion, partnership and brotherhood with all our fellow human beings. Every person is diminished by acts of genocide. We must never forget the hideous crimes of the Turkish Government murdering over 1.5 million of their citizens prior to Ataturk taking power. We must not forget the recent criminal acts directed against the Kurds, as well as the obscenities committed against the Yazids. The UDHR was created to insure that acts such as the Holocaust committed by the Fascists would never happen again. Whether committed in the name of political ideologies, or in the name of religion, such acts are always committed by those who seek to demonize people different from themselves. The answer, perhaps the only answer to inhumane ideologies is the enforcement of the UDHR. Enforcement not only means using the diplomatic principle of reciprocity, it also means that every civilized society must work to embody these rights expressing them to their fullest. Through this we insure that the children growing up within these societies are filled with knowledge of a healthy happy future instead of being filled with despair.

As shared above, the greatest spiritual wisdom imparted to humanity, through humanity thus far is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Some say that any person, or group of people that do not discard previous teachings which disagree with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will burn forever in the Hell of Incessant Suffering, but in New Thought we do not believe in a separate heaven or hell. Each person is in the process of creating heaven or hell, right now, here on earth.

The majority of the world believes in Reincarnation which is a teaching shared by most truly ancient wisdom teachings: religions and spiritual paths. It is wise to be aware that the mathematics of reincarnation are such that those who hate a particular group of people will be reborn into the group they hate. The hatred they carry to the end of their present life carries over with them and when reborn they simply hate who they used to be.

This is one of the reasons why all great Spiritual Paths teach that hatred can only be ended with love. Those who fail to let go of their anger and hatred are ruled by it in this life and the next.

In the U.S., the 13th Amendment gave black men the right to vote in the United States. American Women received the right to vote on August 26th, 1920.

Today, across the United States, political elites have pushed laws to disenfranchise millions of U.S. Citizens making it difficult to vote and at times, for some, impossible. This strikes at the heart of the principles of the nation which while imperfect in form were correct in intention.

While we may not agree with all our neighbors, what makes Civil Societies different from decadent societies is the rule of law which conforms with International Law such as the UDHR etc...

If we abrogate the rights of others, then one day our rights will be abrogated. This is the nature of jurisprudence. The highest spirituality is not characterized by unfairness. The highest Spiritual Law grants us rights, including the right to express ourselves through voting and through having an identity. It is important to express that identity through love and not fear.

Christianity of the most popular forms of Abrahamism has an ancient saying:

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment." ~ 1 John 4:18

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