Creative Mind Master Contents Guide

Part One - Analysis of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. In the Beginning - p.1
    Spirit is the first cause in the creative series.
    Manifestation, the action of Spirit upon itself.

  3. A Principle That Can Be Proven - p.4
    "It is done unto you even as you believe."

  4. The Word Going Forth - p.5
    The word establishes itself as law.

  5. Why and what is Man? - p.7
    Man is the outcome of the desire of the Spirit to make something which expresses the same life that It feels.

  6. The Law of Our Lives - p.8
    We are centers of creative thought activity in the Universal Mind. Unlimited life is latent in man.

  7. Man's Part - p.10
    Through harmony with Universal Mind man's word becomes the law of his life.
    Man not a creator but his thought is creative.

  8. Bondage and Freedom - p.13
    Ignorance is the only bondage.
    Freedom is the law of belief.

  9. The Word - p.14
    As God's word is in the Universe so man's word is in his own life.

  10. The Man Who Has Arrived - p.17
    The one who can control his thinking is he to whom time and place makes no difference.

  11. The Power We Have Within Us - p.17
    We have as much creative power as we allow to flow through us.

  12. Individual Ideas - p.18
    Have power to manifest as long as held.

  13. The Reason for the Universe - p.19

  14. Mind in Action - p.19
    All Law is mind in action, both Cosmic and in the individual.
    Life externalizes at the level of our thought.

  15. Action and Reaction - p.20
    Law of cause and effect always operative.

  16. Arriving at a High Consciousness - p.21
    Have faith and willingness to believe in the law of life to do for us.

  17. Outer Suggestions - p.22
    Are under our own control. We must learn to govern life by inner realization.
    Working in union with the power of good.

  18. The Use of the Greater Consciousness - p.24
    The inner realization that good is always with us results in health, happiness and prosperity.

  19. The Greater Consciousness - p. 26
    The realization of completion brings us into the enlarged consciousness.

  20. The Perfect Universe - p.30
    We must come to realize that we are living in a perfect universe peopled with perfect ideas; it appears to us as we harmonize with it.

  21. About Struggle Karma - p.32
    The great law of life is thinking and becoming. Karma is the result of false thinking. The only escape is to know what the truth is and think it.

Part 2

  1. Introductory - p.35
  2. The Same Power Used in Two Ways - p.37
  3. Healing the Sick - p.39
  4. Denials - p.40
  5. The Use of Affirmations - p.42
  6. The Highest Attitude of Mind - p.43
  7. Non-Resistance - p.43
  8. Be Alive - p.44
  9. Be Happy - p.45
  10. Live in the Present - p.46
  11. See The Good in All Things - p.47
  12. Be Expectant - p.49
  13. Expanding Thought - p.49
  14. Power of Treatment - p.50
  15. Repeating A Treatment - p.50
  16. Impersonal Healing - p.51
  17. Prosperity - p.54
  18. What is the Spiritual Mind? - p.54
  19. The Church of God - p.57
  20. The Path of Prosperity - p.58
  21. The Way of the Spirit - p.60
  22. The Level of Consciousness - p.63
  23. Practice For Prosperity - p.65
  24. Conclusion - p.67
  25. Questions and Answers - p.71
  26. Definitions - p.77
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