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Ernest Holmes

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Ernest Holmes's

Lessons in Spiritual Mind Healing

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Lesson 1 - THE universe is a Spiritual System

THE universe is a Spiritual System governed by immutable laws of cause and effect. Man is an integral part of this System, inseparable from It. At first he does not understand his own nature and thereby, by the very law which could produce freedom, brings limitation into his experience. This limitation he calls evil. Man can perceive his true relationship to the universe and live in such conscious union with it that he actually reproduces, in his own individual life, the vast cosmic order. This concept is identical with that held by most of the great thinkers throughout the ages.

We are not to think of the physical senses as opposed to Truth or Reality. The impression received "by the average person is true so far as it goes. It is not the objective experience but our subjective reaction to, and interpretation of, it which matters.

There is no such thing as Living Spirit and dead matter. There is a tireless energy moving in, upon, and through everything. We should not think of Spirit or Living Reality as being opposed to objective life. We should realize that there are different degrees of intelligence which constitute the livingness of things. The animal has more intelligence than

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