The next step is audio rendition so that the book can be listened to by the visually impaired.

One of these readers is Doc. Spot in the Land of Enchantment

Serving New Thought

Serving New Thought brings New Thought to our fingertips

Doc. Spot is also known as the "Voice of Thomas Troward" due to his excellent rendtions of Troward's works.

The audio process begins with casting.

At times we review audio submissions from wonderful New Thought volunteers.

We are looking for readers who can support the "voice" of the author through tonal shading and an innate vocal musicality.

If you have read books to children, then you know the importance of these qualities.

We offer professional level training to support your growth as a reader. This can lead to opportunities in the fields of radio and voice over production.

We have the support of professional casting directors who volunteer their time to work with our producers in the casting process.

If a particular volunteer is considered to be a good voice for a particular author, then he or she will be given additional reading material and tested to see if he or she can work with the production team.

Is the reader capable of vocal variation in response to the director's direction?

These readings can then be downloaded through the audio / ebook pages of the library to support New Thought seekers and shareres around the globe.

Help expand this wonderful free library! Sign up for training. Be the Change!

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