Credit for text formatting of this book goes to a variety of souls:

one of these is Rev. Sonja in the Bundes Republik

Serving New Thought

Great New Thought Source Ministry

Text formatting is often part of the text accuracy step of preparing the digitized text of this book for digital publishing.

This continues the page by page comparison of the digitized text with the page scans.

We strive to preserve the italics, bold print, underlines and other formatting to approximate the original text often applying additional programming techniques.

At this stage, the sharer wants to ensure that the previous steps have actually been done properly.

This New Thought sharer will make notes to be sent to those who worked on the previous steps to support better awareness of the process.

This step insures ease of use by New Thought Sharers and Seekers for thousands of years to come.

This stage concludes with linking various words / phrases to other pages in the New Thought Library system as well as to other consistent and reliable web resources such as Wikipedia.

This is a very important part of the process!

The Spirital Leader doing this work must must be responsible and competent.

This step is complete when the person has ensured that the formatting is indeed accurate and the links have been added to the text.

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