Around the Globe more and more caring and talented souls are creating translations of these works.

One of these is Rev. Cicero in Sao Paolo Brazil

Serving New Thought

Serving New Thought brings New Thought to our fingertips

Rev. Cicero is a talented polyglot who has often been called a linguistic "savant". He has the goal of being a full professor at a University and today he is pursuing his dream in Brazil.

The New Thought Library engages translators around the world. Often their translation work is part of the work study scholarship programs which support people to accrue education in New Thought and in regular universities.

Translators are chosen from volunteers who have demonstrated their ability by translating at least one text in the library.

The volunteer completes and submits an application for a work-study position and scholarship.

The text is submitted then placed into the library in the proper format.

It is then reviewed by the Rosetta Project Advisory Council members focused on that language.

The text has been reviewed to determine quality and accuracy.

Once deemed accurate and good, the link to the translation will be activated for the public.

At this point the application will be reviewed and if necessary additional paperwork requested.

Once the applicant has been determined to be capable of fulfiling the duties a position may be granted.

There is an annual review of all work study participants.


Cicero is an amateur musician who loves to entertain.

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