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Henry Harrison Brown's How to Control Fate

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry Harrison Brown's

How to Control Fate Through Suggestion

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Introduction - Unity - Half Science - Revolution - Tendency of Thought - One---Something - Duality - Cause - Fate - Man - Logic - Matter - Evolution - Not Eddyism - Sensation - Force - Intelligent Use - Spirit - We Are What We Think - Preparation - Vibration - Vibration-Sensation - The New Man - Definition by Physics - Finer Vibrations - All Knowledge Possible - Race Sensitiveness - Diseases and Survival - Saviors - Progress - Law - Conduct - Ego Above Law - Practical Work - No Sickness - Man His Own Creator of Conditions - Recognition - Scientific Faith - Desire - Liberty - Be Thyself - Effort - Non-Resistance - Demonstration - Self-Direction - Life --- Health - Spiritual Gifts - Classification of Psychic Power - Love - Ultimate Power - Speed of Vibration - Love's Pitch and Octaves - Love of Truth - Safety - The Law - Concentration - Involuntary Concentration - Practice - How to Consciously Manifest - The Coming Man - Scientifically Attained -


PART II - Suggestion: Its Place and Power Definition - Auto-Suggestion - Technical Definition - Control of Evolution - " In His Heart" - Disease, Thought Created - Place of Suggestion - Illustrations - AFFIRMATION - All is Good - Power of Choice - How to Suggest - The Great Law - Morgan - The Law of Life - From Within or Without - Man is Coming - Teacher's Duty - To You the Victory - Power of this Book - Praise, Etc... - Fear - No Power to Harm - Power of Scientists, Etc ... - One Power to Heal - Cannon and Powder - Millenium Here - Fear - Health - Prosperity -


Focus on Affirmation, no Denial - I have the power - That which I think, I am - Man's Greatest Discovery - Maintain a Positive Attitude - Affirm Possession - Wealth is to Use - Excuse is a Poison - Self Reliance / Self Knowledge / Self Respect - Thought is the Power - I have power - The only think we really have is ourselves - The Kingdom is Within -

Lies," of all ills and evils. "From all Fear, Good Lord, deliver us," should be in the Litany. To be free from Suggestions born of fear, is to be free from illness, failure, poverty and sorrow. These Suggestions should be ignored and the opposite ones immediately affirmed. Hold these last till they are the constant mental attitude, then no more Fear. Affirm, I AM FEARLESS!

No Power to Harm.

There is no power Without to harm. All power is lodged Within, where God's kingdom IS. Whatever is not in harmony with Truth is non-existent, hence has no power. Truth at all times is Power and is entirely GOOD. Therefore "Fear no evil.- Lies and slanders have no power; for they are devoid of Truth. Pay no attention to them. To attend to them even by so much as a thought or wish, is to put power into them. The harm comes from Within, not from the lie. Soon you will come to see that no one has power to harm you but yourself. A lie harms the teller. So is it with all the evil we would do to another. In settling with a business man recently, he remarked: "Since you have kept no account, are you not afraid that I have cheated you?" "You cannot," was my reply. "You can only cheat yourself. Every dollar that you take dishonestly will reduce your power in business, destroy your happiness and injure your health. You cannot take a cent from me, for my Supply is Infinite. The Lord IS my shepherd. I DO NOT WANT." "Well, I wish every one dealt so, it would be a better world," was his remark. "The world is all Good to me now," I replied as I walked out of the door. Take this lesson! Live it! Then ALL is GOOD to you.

Power of Scientists," Etc

Here again you have the secret of ". all the works of "Christian," "Divine," "Mental" and other "Scientists," "Metaphysicians," "Faith Healers," "Prayer Cures," etc., etc. The Power is exactly that which the

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