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Henry Harrison Brown's How to Control Fate

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry Harrison Brown's

How to Control Fate Through Suggestion

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Introduction - Unity - Half Science - Revolution - Tendency of Thought - One---Something - Duality - Cause - Fate - Man - Logic - Matter - Evolution - Not Eddyism - Sensation - Force - Intelligent Use - Spirit - We Are What We Think - Preparation - Vibration - Vibration-Sensation - The New Man - Definition by Physics - Finer Vibrations - All Knowledge Possible - Race Sensitiveness - Diseases and Survival - Saviors - Progress - Law - Conduct - Ego Above Law - Practical Work - No Sickness - Man His Own Creator of Conditions - Recognition - Scientific Faith - Desire - Liberty - Be Thyself - Effort - Non-Resistance - Demonstration - Self-Direction - Life --- Health - Spiritual Gifts - Classification of Psychic Power - Love - Ultimate Power - Speed of Vibration - Love's Pitch and Octaves - Love of Truth - Safety - The Law - Concentration - Involuntary Concentration - Practice - How to Consciously Manifest - The Coming Man - Scientifically Attained -


PART II - Suggestion: Its Place and Power Definition - Auto-Suggestion - Technical Definition - Control of Evolution - " In His Heart" - Disease, Thought Created - Place of Suggestion - Illustrations - AFFIRMATION - All is Good - Power of Choice - How to Suggest - The Great Law - Morgan - The Law of Life - From Within or Without - Man is Coming - Teacher's Duty - To You the Victory - Power of this Book - Praise, Etc... - Fear - No Power to Harm - Power of Scientists, Etc ... - One Power to Heal - Cannon and Powder - Millenium Here - Fear - Health - Prosperity -


Focus on Affirmation, no Denial - I have the power - That which I think, I am - Man's Greatest Discovery - Maintain a Positive Attitude - Affirm Possession - Wealth is to Use - Excuse is a Poison - Self Reliance / Self Knowledge / Self Respect - Thought is the Power - I have power - The only think we really have is ourselves - The Kingdom is Within -

"He that doeth the will of my Father, the same is my mother and sister and brother." "If ye love me, keen my commandments." He always insisted that through conduct spiritual development is demonstrated. Never once did he ask, "What do you think?" or "What do you believe?"


The next rule is:---Intend the mind in the direction in which you wish revelation. One familiar with the terms of hypnotism will understand when I say, control the mind by Auto- Suggestion. From the sub-conscious storehouse of all knowledge, the Ego itself, can thus be drawn whatever is desired in the way of wisdom. The mind can also thus be directed to the development of psychic faculties. These faculties take hold on infinity both of time and space. Nothing is hidden from Soul perception. All the Soul's powers are comprised in two, so aptly stated by Emerson thus: "The Soul is the perceiver and revealer of truth;" to perceive and to reveal truth being all that the Soul can do, yet, while the method of perception is ever one, there are many methods of revelation already recognized, and there may be many others to come in our future unfoldment. Perceptions are revealed merely as truth, or they are revealed in terms of time and space. We thus get the names respectively of intuition and inspiration, to designate the revelations of truth; of clairvoyance and telepathy, to designate those of space; of psychometry, to designate those of time. In practice, these shade into each other as, in ordinary life, shade the results of the different senses.


The first manifestation of Spirit is Life. Therefore, the first function we come to is health. All conditions manifesting less than a normal state of health are those of less health, and not those of disease. They are the results of spiritual

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