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Henry Harrison Brown's How to Control Fate

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry Harrison Brown's

How to Control Fate Through Suggestion

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Introduction - Unity - Half Science - Revolution - Tendency of Thought - One---Something - Duality - Cause - Fate - Man - Logic - Matter - Evolution - Not Eddyism - Sensation - Force - Intelligent Use - Spirit - We Are What We Think - Preparation - Vibration - Vibration-Sensation - The New Man - Definition by Physics - Finer Vibrations - All Knowledge Possible - Race Sensitiveness - Diseases and Survival - Saviors - Progress - Law - Conduct - Ego Above Law - Practical Work - No Sickness - Man His Own Creator of Conditions - Recognition - Scientific Faith - Desire - Liberty - Be Thyself - Effort - Non-Resistance - Demonstration - Self-Direction - Life --- Health - Spiritual Gifts - Classification of Psychic Power - Love - Ultimate Power - Speed of Vibration - Love's Pitch and Octaves - Love of Truth - Safety - The Law - Concentration - Involuntary Concentration - Practice - How to Consciously Manifest - The Coming Man - Scientifically Attained -


PART II - Suggestion: Its Place and Power Definition - Auto-Suggestion - Technical Definition - Control of Evolution - " In His Heart" - Disease, Thought Created - Place of Suggestion - Illustrations - AFFIRMATION - All is Good - Power of Choice - How to Suggest - The Great Law - Morgan - The Law of Life - From Within or Without - Man is Coming - Teacher's Duty - To You the Victory - Power of this Book - Praise, Etc... - Fear - No Power to Harm - Power of Scientists, Etc ... - One Power to Heal - Cannon and Powder - Millenium Here - Fear - Health - Prosperity -


Focus on Affirmation, no Denial - I have the power - That which I think, I am - Man's Greatest Discovery - Maintain a Positive Attitude - Affirm Possession - Wealth is to Use - Excuse is a Poison - Self Reliance / Self Knowledge / Self Respect - Thought is the Power - I have power - The only think we really have is ourselves - The Kingdom is Within -

their trade, as it is going before the incoming tide of clairvoyants, magnetic healers, "Scientists" of many kinds, and, last of all, before Suggestive Therapeutics. These are all natural results of increased sensitiveness. Nature always balances her manifestations. With the illness, due to increased sensitiveness, relief comes in methods of healing adapted to that sensitiveness. As bleeding went out with the hardy pioneer age that could stand it, in came milder systems, and finally these came that discard medicine. Through use of Nature's finer forces, Man is not only healed of disease, but is made positive to unpleasant sensations. "You do not feel the prick of the pin," says the hypnotist. So says the intelligent healer: "You do not respond now to the vibrations of pain. As you will not see that which is unpleasant, or hear that which is discordant, so you will not feel that which is painful. You have within your control the power of sensation. You can feel only what you will."


The progress of civilization depends now not on the arts and sciences, not on schools or churches, but on attaining the knowledge and mastery of these finer vibrations. These psychic manifestations often produce some disturbance in the body, causing one to depart from ordinary customs and manners. This causes some philosophers to cry: "Degeneracy."Some peculiar mental conditions cause others to cry,"Insanity is on the increase," or some peculiarity of conduct causes the cry, "Crime is on the increase,"while the cause is only an increase of psychic sensitiveness. The race is, at the close of this cycle, taking another step forward. Could one of the present croakers have seen the first eye that blinked at the sun and died from excess of sensation, but, dying, prophesied the eye of man, he would have said of that individual specimen of the species: "Degenerate." Could the medical professions that now cry "fraud" and "deterioration" in view of the many isms of to-day, have stood by the

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