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Henry Harrison Brown's How to Control Fate

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry Harrison Brown's

How to Control Fate Through Suggestion

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Introduction - Unity - Half Science - Revolution - Tendency of Thought - One---Something - Duality - Cause - Fate - Man - Logic - Matter - Evolution - Not Eddyism - Sensation - Force - Intelligent Use - Spirit - We Are What We Think - Preparation - Vibration - Vibration-Sensation - The New Man - Definition by Physics - Finer Vibrations - All Knowledge Possible - Race Sensitiveness - Diseases and Survival - Saviors - Progress - Law - Conduct - Ego Above Law - Practical Work - No Sickness - Man His Own Creator of Conditions - Recognition - Scientific Faith - Desire - Liberty - Be Thyself - Effort - Non-Resistance - Demonstration - Self-Direction - Life --- Health - Spiritual Gifts - Classification of Psychic Power - Love - Ultimate Power - Speed of Vibration - Love's Pitch and Octaves - Love of Truth - Safety - The Law - Concentration - Involuntary Concentration - Practice - How to Consciously Manifest - The Coming Man - Scientifically Attained -


PART II - Suggestion: Its Place and Power Definition - Auto-Suggestion - Technical Definition - Control of Evolution - " In His Heart" - Disease, Thought Created - Place of Suggestion - Illustrations - AFFIRMATION - All is Good - Power of Choice - How to Suggest - The Great Law - Morgan - The Law of Life - From Within or Without - Man is Coming - Teacher's Duty - To You the Victory - Power of this Book - Praise, Etc... - Fear - No Power to Harm - Power of Scientists, Etc ... - One Power to Heal - Cannon and Powder - Millenium Here - Fear - Health - Prosperity -


Focus on Affirmation, no Denial - I have the power - That which I think, I am - Man's Greatest Discovery - Maintain a Positive Attitude - Affirm Possession - Wealth is to Use - Excuse is a Poison - Self Reliance / Self Knowledge / Self Respect - Thought is the Power - I have power - The only think we really have is ourselves - The Kingdom is Within -

thus come to the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Psalmist and have "conscious dominion over all things." This is now seen in possibility. It is the object of Soul Culture to lead Man intelligently to this,---his own.

Race Sensitiveness

The [Human] race is growing more sensitive, and, as a result, is manifesting psychic powers to a marked degree. Inspiration is poured out in all directions as never before during the historic period. Invention, discovery, research, are in evidence, while literature of all kinds comes in floods, and from pulpit and platform the divine afflatus pours in tremendous streams. Everybody feels able to write or declaim. It is the developing power of man to feel the finer vibrations, and, though he does not know the reason and does not understand the power, yet, as he has instinctively obeyed the coarser ones, so is he instinctively obeying these. We thus account for the medium, the healer, and the psychic. It is thus we have our geniuses and our abnormalities, like Blind Tom. They are all acting as aspen leaves act in the wind, under the finer vibrations of Unity.

Diseases and Survival.

Because of this sensitiveness, there is an increase of disease and diseases,especially nervous diseases. They will increase until we learn how to control these finer forces. The "struggle for life" has now been transferred to the psychic plane, and those who cannot live under the intense strain on the organism, caused by this increased sensitiveness, must die off, leaving the hardier ones to keep up the stock


For this reason, there is a demand from the race instinct for saviors. In supplying this demand, they come in droves, each with varying perceptions of truth. The regular M. D.'s already fear for

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