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Henry Harrison Brown's How to Control Fate

Serving New Thought is pleased to present

Henry Harrison Brown's

How to Control Fate Through Suggestion

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Introduction - Unity - Half Science - Revolution - Tendency of Thought - One---Something - Duality - Cause - Fate - Man - Logic - Matter - Evolution - Not Eddyism - Sensation - Force - Intelligent Use - Spirit - We Are What We Think - Preparation - Vibration - Vibration-Sensation - The New Man - Definition by Physics - Finer Vibrations - All Knowledge Possible - Race Sensitiveness - Diseases and Survival - Saviors - Progress - Law - Conduct - Ego Above Law - Practical Work - No Sickness - Man His Own Creator of Conditions - Recognition - Scientific Faith - Desire - Liberty - Be Thyself - Effort - Non-Resistance - Demonstration - Self-Direction - Life --- Health - Spiritual Gifts - Classification of Psychic Power - Love - Ultimate Power - Speed of Vibration - Love's Pitch and Octaves - Love of Truth - Safety - The Law - Concentration - Involuntary Concentration - Practice - How to Consciously Manifest - The Coming Man - Scientifically Attained -


PART II - Suggestion: Its Place and Power Definition - Auto-Suggestion - Technical Definition - Control of Evolution - " In His Heart" - Disease, Thought Created - Place of Suggestion - Illustrations - AFFIRMATION - All is Good - Power of Choice - How to Suggest - The Great Law - Morgan - The Law of Life - From Within or Without - Man is Coming - Teacher's Duty - To You the Victory - Power of this Book - Praise, Etc... - Fear - No Power to Harm - Power of Scientists, Etc ... - One Power to Heal - Cannon and Powder - Millenium Here - Fear - Health - Prosperity -


Focus on Affirmation, no Denial - I have the power - That which I think, I am - Man's Greatest Discovery - Maintain a Positive Attitude - Affirm Possession - Wealth is to Use - Excuse is a Poison - Self Reliance / Self Knowledge / Self Respect - Thought is the Power - I have power - The only think we really have is ourselves - The Kingdom is Within -

Part 1 - The Science and Philosophy of Life.


Unity of nature is now the basic thought in science and in the new Philosophy. The ancient and child-man thought duality. This conception, which from earliest times has dominated the conceptions of man, has passed from the mind of the present thinker. With it must pass all the old conceptions of man and nature. With these conceptions, must also ultimately pass the customs, laws and theologies based upon the unscientific, primitive conception of nature as duality.

This conception of unity, as opposed to that of duality, is destined by evolution to work a revolution whose import it is now impossible to over-estimate.

Half Science.

Our science has not been half science, even since Darwin and Spencer gave it the key to all the knowledge which comes to the soul from the external consciousness by observation and reasoning. Darwin gave man his first true conception of the world without himself. The survival, in greater or less degree, of the idea of dualism in the scientific mind and in philosophic speculation, has so colored investigation that constantly there has arisen from it the idea of limitation, division, antagonism, contest, struggle, etc. This conception of duality has either been present or has been introduced as explanation in much scientific reasoning and, in the most independent minds, it has at least been recognized as a fact of nature. This conception is so false that the New and Coming Philosophy will bear the same relation to the old as the child does to the man,

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